Prayers For Peace: The Shanti Mantras

 April 27, 2020
Posted by Kitzie

This week’s set is one I played for our Friday Satsang a week ago, and it’s a collection of Shanti Mantras, Hindu prayers for peace found in the Upanishads.
A Friday Satsang set always begins with Jane Winther’s Om chant from her CD Mantra. Then we have Dharma study with Deva Premal & Miten from their 21-Day Mantra Meditation, and offerings from Jaya & Ananda, Tim Jordan Kirtan, an ‘Om Purnam’ chant by Bada Haridas, featuring Karnamrita Dasi, Blue Spirit Wheel, Rob & Melissa, Shantala, and we end with a Yoga Nidra Yogic Relaxation by Shiva Rae.
I hope you’ll use the set to sing peace into your body and visualize spreading it throughout our world.
Be Well, my friends. Stay healthy. Much love to you all. Namaste.

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