Kirtan In China!

 January 24, 2020
Posted by Kitzie

Over Easter weekend last April, Dave Stringer came to Corvallis to play a kirtan for our community — it was such a sweet experience for everyone involved, and the following month he was headed to China. Dave has been to China several times to play kirtan, and over Easter weekend we talked a lot about China & the Yoga & kirtan scene there. I found it to be a fascinating story.

The market for Yoga in China is huge & growing fast — it’s one of the biggest Yoga markets in the world. Here’s a quote from the South China Morning Post: “According to projections from Statista, by 2020 the yoga market in China is expected to stretch to nearly $6.7 billion, not far behind the US yoga market which is expected to be worth $11.6 billion”. There are over 200 Yoga studios in Shanghai alone! In this edition of the New World Kirtan Podcast, you’ll hear Dave Stringer, Yoga instructor Richard Baimbridge, Rafael Wilejto (Rasa) & Clayton Horton tell how they got involved with Yoga & kirtan in China, what it was like back in the day, what it’s like now & where they see it going.
The music you’ll hear is from Dave Stringer, Kevin James, Rasa & Clayton Horton, and it was recorded live at various venues in China.

A worldwide movement for Love? I can see that, how about you? It’s a vision that can uplift us all. See you next time! Namaste.

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