Lose Your Kali Yuga Blues

 July 25, 2019
Posted by Kitzie

Reading the news these days can be so discouraging. Probably like you, I feel the need to be informed, but the energy of the news is toxic and fear-inducing. What can we do to stay centered & positive?
The Mahamantra chants in this edition of the New World Kirtan Podcast will help you to do that. According to Sanskrit scriptures, we’re currently living in the age of the Kali Yuga — an ugly period, saturated with vicious habits. The Upanishads tell us the words of the Mahamantra chant are specifically for counteracting the toxic effects of the age of Kali, described in the Upanishads as ‘an ocean of faults’, infected with so many anomalies there seems to be no way out. The Mahamantra is the way out — it’s the medicine prescribed for the infection of the age we’re living in.
This podcast is filled with some of my favorite Mahamantra chants, and it’s for you to play while reading the news, or afterwards to counteract the toxicity. It features music from Jai Uttal, Krishna Das, Adam Bauer, Madi Das, Shyam Das at Omega Ecstatic Chant & David Newman. And I’ll tell you all about the new International Kirtan series we’re doing, starting with China!

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