Best of the Midwest Yoga & Kirtan Fest

 December 7, 2018
Posted by Kitzie

In his edition of the New World Kirtan Podcast, we feature live cuts from a few of the artists who played at the Midwest Yoga & Kirtan Fest. What an incredible time we had together! I hope you can get a sense of the Spirit & the Love that was present — it was so, so sweet.
Thank you, dear Gary Brachman, August Ristow & your team for that marvelous weekend filled with love, friendship and sublime music. We feature music from Kaita, Kirtan Path, Blue Spirit Wheel, Brenda McMorrow, Ragani, David Newman and Sean Johnson & the Wild Lotus Band. In addition to these great kirtan artists, there were many more who had wonderful sets that couldn’t be included because of either time or sound issues — if your favorite artist isn’t included please accept our apologies.
To those who were at the Festival, I hope you enjoy the memories. For those who weren’t there, I hope it will give you a glimpse of the extraordinary space that was created for our hearts to open. Gary & his team are planning on doing it all again, and you can help make that happen. Here’s a link to the Kickstarter to help fund next year’s festival, and if you find it on social media please share widely.
I played some of these cuts for the satsang here in Corvallis last Friday night, and the energy of this sweet event was so present in the room. I hope our live podcast will inspire you to come to a gathering like this — to experience what it’s like to be with those who gather in love to sing kirtan. It’s the most wonderful feeling in the world, we’re addicted to it because it feels so good. I hope you can feel that.
Enjoy, and until next time my friends — Namaste.

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