Chants From ‘Mantra: Sounds Into Silence’, Part 1

 June 26, 2018
Posted by Kitzie

In this edition of the podcast, we feature music from the soundtrack of ‘Mantra: Sounds Into Silence’ — there are so many beautiful chants we’ll have two podcasts devoted to the music we heard in the movie. If you have the opportunity to see this wonderful movie in your town, please support it. We had a showing here in Corvallis & our community just loved it — the movie makes the practice of Bhakti Yoga very approachable. The set starts with Deva Premal & Miten’s CD ‘A Deeper Light’ featuring Manose & Maneesh De Moor, then Snatam Kaur from her CD ‘Prem’, CC White from ‘This Is Soul Kirtan’, MC Yogi from ‘Pilgrimage’, Dave Stringer from ‘Ojas’ and Mirabai Ceiba from ‘Sacred Love Meditations’ . I’m ending the set with a hypnotic Kirtan Kriya chant that I’ve been kind of obsessed with since the first moment I heard it in the Mantra movie. I walk to it, I swim to it, and lately it seems to be always playing in my mind. It’s from Rafael Emanuel Ranso from his CD ‘I & Higher’ — the chant is so trance-y & soothing, I just love it.

I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful summer, dear hearts. Until next time — Namaste

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