David Newman Live at Bhakti Fest Midwest 2013

 May 8, 2018
Posted by Kitzie

April was quite the month for sacred music here in Corvallis! It began with a great weekend with David Newman — on Saturday night the Unitarian Church was full for his kirtan, and his band — which included Bejny & Heather Wertheimer of Shantala, Sean Frenette & Johanna Beekman — was a tight, high energy musical delight. The church was also full for the Sunday service he co-hosted with minister Jill McAllister and his workshop was well attended & wonderful. We had an awesome time. Then the movie ‘Mantra: Sounds Into Silence’ came to town and over 80 people attended the showing! This is a movie about the practice of chanting & it’s just great, it makes the practice very accessible. If you see it featured in your community, be sure to support it — our community loved it. And then last Friday we were graced with a beautiful kirtan by Rob & Melissa from Seattle. It was a big fun month.

I recorded this edition’s live set with David Newman 5 years ago on a perfect July afternoon in Madison, WI — it was Bhakti Fest Midwest 2013, and David wore a hat that looked like a big wedge of cheese! His backup band was Brenda McMorrow, Craig Narada Wise, Samuel Saulsbury & Alvin Young. You can just feel the joy that David brings wherever he plays — and he sure brought it to Corvallis. We loved you, David Newman! Thank you for coming.

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