Fresh Tracks 35

 February 14, 2018
Posted by Kitzie

“It seems appropriate to start the New Year with a Fresh Tracks set”, said I back in January when this podcast was taking shape and before the totally nasty sinus infection descended. Yuk, glad that’s over, thank you antibiotics. And now … it’s Valentine’s Day! So Happy Valentine’s Day dear listeners, and for you here is a rockin’ Fresh Tracks set. It starts with a funky chant to Hanuman by Mike Cohen, with some incredible background vocals & guitar work. Then we have the beautiful ‘Shivo Ham’ by Lana Sugarman and ‘Bhajamana Govinda’ from Gopi Kallayil & Kirtan Lounge, featuring Karnamrita Dasi’s ethereal voice. Then ‘Govinda Hare’ from One Love Devotional Chant, and ‘Om Name Bhagavate’ from dear Flavia Krishna & Gershone, ‘Devi Chant’ from the great Krishna Das is up next followed by the lovely ‘Close at Hand (Jai Shri Krishna)’ from Adam Bauer. We end with ’Lokah/Peace On Earth’ from Carrie Grossman. Beautiful work from these beautiful artists.

We’re off to New Orleans for Sean Johnson’s Bhakti Immersion next month, a trip that’s sponsored by the Call & Response Foundation. It looks like it will be a blast. I’ll be interviewing Sean & some members of their kirtan community & telling you guys about all the fun we’re having. And David Newman is coming to Corvallis in April! His concert is sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship here, and we’re so excited to host him. David will be leading a kirtan, give a workshop & co-lead the Sunday service with our minister Jill McAllister. Really looking forward to this.
So much love to you all on this Valentine’s Day, and for always. Please enjoy the set, and until next time — Namaste.

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