Songs For The Soul

This week’s set is for those of you who don’t play an instrument but would like to gather in satsang to sing kirtan. It’s structured much like our Friday night kirtan here in Corvallis, and the chants are ones we love to sing in our satsang. You could get a few of your friends together in your living room and just play this set, and if you like it there are more here. You could be the ONE who provides the refuge of these chants for your friends to help them get through the tough times we’re in. Doing this is also a way you can build your own spiritual community, your own support system. Once you begin you may be surprised who shows up & what resources Spirit will send your way! The Call & Response Foundation is a great resource if you’d like to start a kirtan community — check out their website for the ways they can help you.
Our Community Kirtan page is just about finished, and it’s going to have lots of great stuff for kirtan communities — podcasts with chants & charts for those of you who play an instrument, and podcasts like this one that are filled with chants we love to sing in our satsang here in Corvallis, an interactive map of kirtan communities around the world & lots more, so stay tuned!

Our Friday night satsang always starts with ‘Om’ by Jane Winther from her CD ‘Mantra’ — that’s the first song in this week’s set. Other chants we feature this week are ‘Ganesha’ by Kristin Luna Ray from her CD ‘One Shared Heart’, and ’Stay Strong’ by David Newman — we love that one — it’s a who’s who of kirtan artists & yoga teachers. Here’s a link to a video recorded at Bhakti Fest several years ago. We also have ‘Jaipur Hare Krishna’ by Adam Bauer from his CD ‘Shyam Lila’, ‘Baba Hanuman’ by Krishna Das on ‘Live Ananda’, Deva & Miten’s ’Om Mane Padme Hum’ from their CD ‘Love Is Space’, and the set ends with ‘Asatoma’ by Tim Jordan from his CD ‘Heart & Spirit’. The New World Kirtan Band covers a lot of the chants in this set, here’s where to find the charts.

It’s time for us to keep our faith alive guys. Gather in community to support each other. Sing kirtan. Until next time … Namaste.

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