Community Kirtan with Jen Canfield & Ian Boccio!

 September 28, 2017
Posted by Kitzie

I really loved doing this interview with Jen Canfield of the Call & Response Foundation & Ian Boccio of the Atlanta kirtan community & the kirtan band Blue Spirit Wheel, and it kicks off a new direction for the podcast.
I’ve felt deeply drawn to creating community lately because I feel community is what will save us in these troubled times. So a focus of the podcast for the foreseeable future will be to show you ways you can create a kirtan satsang in your community, and how to sustain it once you have it up & going. To that end, New World Kirtan is partnering with the Call & Response Foundation to help foster kirtan communities around the world with resources to help them start & flourish.
This partnership is going to be very cool, and we’ll have lots of fun stuff coming that I’ll tell you about on the podcast. Look for our new Community Kirtan page soon!

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