More Mantras For Prosperity

 July 27, 2017
Posted by Kitzie

This week’s set is based on one released in 2013 that is by far the most downloaded of our podcasts over at Soundcloud — it also came from a desire I had to create a setlist that affirms power & prosperity. The chants in the set are from the incredibly rich Kundalini tradition. It starts with Ajai Alai by Mirabai Cieba, a mantra to bring you into your power. Then there are three versions of Aap Sahaaee Hoaa, a chant that means ‘the Creator has become my protector, the Truest of the True is taking care of me.” The artists performing these chants are Jai-Jagdeesh, Snatam Kaur & Guru Singh With Seal & Friends. Then we have Har Har Har Gobinday performed by Sada Sat Kaur. Har means ‘God’, and it has been said that Har symbolizes prosperity and creativity. Yogi Bhajan taught that this mantra creates wealth, new opportunities, and removes obstacles — it’s a mantra for creating the life you want. We end with the great Prosperity Har by Prabhu Nam Kaur & Snatam Kaur, a mantra said to be extremely effective at removing blocks to prosperity and opening you up to receiving financial wealth. It’s fascinating to me that Kundalini practitioners consider these teachings actual technologies that affect our brain patterns, so you can use this powerful set to calm your fears about money & to attract abundance.

I’ll be back soon with a Fresh Tracks set for you. Until then dear hearts — Namaste.

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