Jai Uttal and The Story of Hanuman

 May 26, 2017
Posted by Kitzie

In this week’s episode I’ll tell you all about my current obsessions — physical therapy & narrating the beautiful book ‘Sid’ by Zen master Anita Feng. I’ll also let you know about my big idea of featuring stories of local kirtan communities on the podcast! As you all know, community is the heart of kirtan, and our Bhakti Yoga community is worldwide. If you belong to a kirtan community I’d love to know about it. Perhaps your story would inspire others to start a community in their town. The peace that flows from practicing kirtan is greatly needed now. We can all help spread the beauty of this practice, so helpful to us in these troubled times.

I always love talking with Jai Uttal — this interview with Jai was recorded last November right after the election, so we talked politics when we weren’t talking about Hanuman. Hanuman is a very deep subject and we barely scratch the surface here, but he has agreed to do another interview about the Ramanya, yay! Jai is a great storyteller & and that’s one component of his wonderful Summer Kirtan Camp. If you’re looking for a blast of Bhakti and fun check it out it’s August 8-13 in Fairfax, CA. And if you haven’t heard Jai’s new CD ‘Roots, Rock Rama’ you should — it’s just great. Here’s the link to purchase.

Recovery is continuing apace. The garden is coming alive again, and so am I. Until next time dear hearts. Namaste.

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