It’s Spring. Jai Ma!

 April 13, 2017
Posted by Kitzie

This week’s set is to honor the Divine Mother, the force behind the new life bursting forth all around us as Earth returns to the light. I can also feel this force re-awakening in me as I recover from spinal surgery — it’s as though my body is coming back to life. I’m so trying to be present to the miracle of it even through the hard parts — I’ll tell you about it in this week’s podcast.

This week’s set honoring the Mother features the music of Shantala, Prajna Vieira & Mukti, Donna De Lory, Kirtan Soul Revival, Krishna Das, Jaya Lakshmi & Ananda and Shaman’s Dream Project.

Please enjoy the beauty of the spring, dear friends. Until next time. Namaste.

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