A Conversation With Miten

 October 25, 2016
Posted by Kitzie

I so totally love Miten’s new CD ‘Temple at Midnight’ — we sang several of the chants this year at Fall Omega Ecstatic Chant, and I’ve had the CD on repeat prior to this week’s interview. It was hard to pick a favorite song, so I’m glad I was able to feature a good number of them — and here’s some good news! Miten is offering our listeners a free download of ‘River Man’ — we sang this one at Omega and it’s a beauty, you’ll hear it in the interview. Other chants from the CD we feature this week are Love Is the Fire, No Goal But This, a beautiful rendition of Norwegian Wood, Guruji, All Is Welcome Here and Inescapable Love. I know you’re going to love it.

Keep chanting my friends. It’s the cure for what ails us. Until next time — Namaste.

Here’s the link for the free download of ‘River Man’ from Miten’s new CD Temple at Midnight.

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