Fresh Tracks 31

 August 22, 2016
Posted by Kitzie

This episode is a Fresh Tracks set, but it should be called The Return of the Back Spasm … Ugh. Although it’s been going on for several weeks the spasm hasn’t been as bad this time and I learned a few things from the last one — I’ll tell you about the journey in this week’s intro.

These week’s Fresh Tracks 31 set has great chants from great artists. I love Deva Premal & Miten’s ‘Cosmic Connections Live’, listening to the track featured this week took me right back to hearing them perform at Bhakti Fest. This summer the soundtrack of my swimming & Yoga has been Suzin Green & Daniel Johnson’s new CD ‘Mantras of the Sun Volume 2’ with guest artist Nina Rao, and I’m re-featuring Johanna Beekman’s gorgeous ‘Om Shanti’ from her CD ‘Heart Beats One’ again because when I featured it the last time it was an earlier track that didn’t have Benji Wertheimer’s glorious sarod. Other artists featured this week are Mirabai Moon, Devadas, Shantdeep, Will Blunderfield & Blue Spirit Wheel’s haunting ‘Asatoma Ma’ from their new CD ‘Planetary Alignment’.

Here’s the Unity prayer for protection I mention in the intro this week.

“The light of God surrounds me; The love of God enfolds me; The power of God protects me; The presence of God watches over me. Wherever I am, God is — and all is well.”

Next time from the Lovelight Festival my friends. Until then — Namaste.

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