Let’s Play Kirtan!

When I was looking over the results of the recent New World Kirtan listener survey I noticed lots of interest in local kirtan, and several of you expressed an interest in starting a band in your community. This week’s podcast will help you get started. Here’s a link to a songbook with chord charts, it has a lot of the chants our band covers when we play the kirtan service at the Unitarian Church here in town, and this week’s set has the originals of these chants so you can play along to learn them. In the future, find the link to the charts by going to the tab marked “What Is Kirtan” at the top of the page, and scroll down to “Charts”.

If you’re curious to hear our band, we have a YouTube page with chants from our kirtans. I’ve just posted “He Maha Lakshmi’ from our kirtan in May — it’s a cover of a chant by David Newman.

Next up is an interview with Wynne Paris, producer of the Lovelight Festival. Please consider going, it will be a blast. I’ve been listening to lots of new kirtan, and a Fresh Tracks set is almost ready to go so that’s coming up soon. Until then my friends — Namaste.

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