Where Is Western Kirtan Headed? Conversations With Kirtan Leaders, Part 2.

The next two podcasts will be released back to back, and they continue the conversation about where Western kirtan is headed. Creative artists today are facing unprecedented challenges, and our kirtan musicians are being deprived of income because of the growth of streaming. How can we turn this around in our kirtan community and support the artists that inspire us? In this show you’ll hear the second part of a conversation between Wah & Mike Cohen that began in the first podcast, and the beginning of a conversation with Jai Uttal & Ben Leinbach. This will be continued in the podcast to follow with an interview with Nina Rao, who will tell us about the how the Krishna Das channel was created & curated for SiriusXM Satellite Radio, and a change SiriusXM made that has been catastrophic for the artists in our community.

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Photograph by Lakshmi Grace Phoenix.

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