Deep Sleep

 April 14, 2016
Posted by Kitzie

Last week I found myself waiting for the results of a biopsy. If you’ve been in a similar position you can probably relate — the compulsive checking for THE CALL, waking up at 3AM with mind racing. It was a great lesson to show how much work I have to do to control where my mind goes during times like this. The respite, as always, was my yoga, kirtan & meditation practices — they gave me comfort & a sense of peace. Now that I’m on the other side my perspective from this experience & others like it is to suggest that you do your practice, dear hearts. Practice — because it will become your towline in times of trouble.

I was having trouble sleeping during this time, and so the genesis of this set. With chants for protection, deep healing, empowerment & clarity of mind, the music was immensely soothing & calming and helped me to stay in the center where I could remember there’s nothing to fear, except what was created by my mind. And by the end of the week I found there really was nothing to fear as the biopsy results were negative. All that worrying was just a waste of brain space & energy — as it always is. If the results had been positive another path would have presented itself with its own rewards & sorrows. The value of studying Yoga & mediation is that it helps us to find gold in the troubles life brings.

This set was so helpful to me last week when I needed peace & respite. I hope it helps you also.
Sweet dreams my friends.

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