A Conversation with Jai Uttal & Ben Leinbach

 December 10, 2015
Posted by Kitzie

One beautiful day last month my son Jesse & I drove up from San Rafael to Ben Leinbach’s studio where Jai Uttal was just beginning work on his next CD. The four of us had such a fun conversation about all kinds of things — what Jai was for Halloween, letting children go, his thoughts on the new CD (it’s songs he’s performed but never recorded), the Marin community & the loss of Harbin Hot Springs.
One of the songs on Jai’s new CD is ‘Sri Ram Jai Ram’, one of my all-time favorite kirtan performances — New World Kirtan recorded it during Jai’s set at the 2014 Denver Chant Fest. It’s an AMAZING set, featuring vocals by C.C. White & Sheila Bringi’s magical flute. If you want to listen to the whole thing here’s the link.
If you loved Harbin Hot Springs, or have heard about it here’s a video that shows the exquisite retreat that was destroyed by a wild fire this summer — please contribute to the rebuilding effort if you’re so moved.
Enjoy the season my friends, and until next time. Namaste.

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