Creating Success With Ganesh

 October 15, 2015
Posted by Kitzie

In our last podcast I told you about beginning a Community Kirtan here in Corvallis. Our first was on a Friday night two weeks ago — that afternoon yet another mass shooting occurred about 100 miles south of us at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg. In this week’s show I’ll tell you what that Friday night kirtan was like for us as we gathered in community. Affirming love was a powerful way to end a day filled with carnage.
That’s one reason this podcast is special. The other is because it contains a set that will bring you deeply into the energy of Ganesh ending with a meditation by Russill Paul to create successful outcomes. If this idea is intriguing, here’s something you might like–Russill is offering a rebate for New World Kirtan listeners for his course ‘Achieving Success With Mantra’ — this is where the meditation comes from. He’ll give you a 33% rebate if you email him after you purchase the program & let him know you heard about it through New World Kirtan. It makes a $150 program $99 for us — that’s a really good deal. Also, we’re about to start on a 49 day day chakra cleanse which will help us to shed old and unwanted energies that are sabotaging us, often unconsciously. We’ll also learn to create new energy patterns that fortify our chakras with positive and healthy energies and some pretty cool Tantric energy and breath practices to facilitate energy flow in our chakras. Russill is giving us a 10% rebate on this course also if you mention our podcast. If you find this practice moves you, as I have, I hope you’ll consider enrolling. See you next week dear friends. Namaste.

There were two chants in this week’s set I couldn’t find in ITunes. The first is ‘Ganesha Sharanam (trad kirtan from Jitendra Swami) by Daniel Paul, Gina Sala & the Kirtan All-Stars from Tabla Mantra (Songs Of Love & Rhythmic Rapture), and also ‘Ganesha Japa’ from Sarasvati Dreams, Jaya Lakshmi & Ananda.

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