Kirtan/Meditation Circle 2

 June 3, 2015
Posted by Kitzie

This is the second in our podcast series of Kirtan/Meditation Circles — the idea is you can customize these sets and use them for your own practice or as a kirtan/meditation circle with your friends. These chants are some of our favorites, and we sing them frequently in the Friday Kirtan/Meditation Circle we have here in Corvallis. The excerpt from Ram Dass came from ‘The Ram Dass Audio Collection‘, the lecture was on Conscious Aging. I highly recommend the 3-CD set, the other two lectures are on ‘The Path of Service’ and ‘Cultivating the Heart of Compassion’.

Next week I’ll tell you all about the very first Shasta Yoga Fest! It’s not too late to get tickets, and it’s going to be a beautiful weekend — hope to see you there!

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