From the Bhakti Trail: Transformation from LA, CA

 April 29, 2015
Posted by Spring

Have you ever had a New Year start off on the wrong foot so much that you decided to start over in Feb? I did.

This year started with a big Bump…a car accident in fact which was followed by sickness. Fortunately  “All’s well that ends well.” However, I decided I would start my 2015 again on the Chinese New Year, which as would destiny would have it, was also Shivaratri. Shivaratri celebrates the day Shiva, (Lord of creation/ destruction or better yet TRANSFORMATION) married goddess Parvati. It marks the convergence of Shiva and Shakti.

Butterfly.copThis year on the Bhakti Trail I celebrated Shivaratri in Los Angeles CA for a whole week. Thanks to the incredibly strong Bhakti community here I was able to easily shed the misfortunes of January 2015 and SING my way fresh again supported by kindred spirits.

Unlike the caterpillar that transforms once in its lifetime into a beautiful butterfly, humans have the tools to transform again and again. What we do with these tools of course is up to us. Transformation in my experience has everything to do with our fellow beings. The way we influence, mirror, teach and inspire one another. Our spark can ignite an unlimited amount of our fellow beings the same way one match can spark an entire forest of trees.

With this thought we can stand in Peace knowing we are spreading peace. We can sing for Joy knowing we are spreading joy. We can transform into the Light we are meant to shine. On Shivaratri this community decided to gather, to celebrate LIFE, DEVOTION and TRANSFORMATION. This is what we stood for, what we sang for and this is indeed what went down.

It began on the New Moon as we gathered at Randall’s house in West LA (famous for over a decade for its Weds. night Kirtan) and again 2 days later at The Kathmandu Boutique in Santa Monica where beautiful home- made Nepalese food was offered. Meditation transpired. Incredible musicians jammed, Satsung was shared. Kirtan was ALIVE and well nourishing and connecting our souls. The week culminated with a special SOLD OUT evening with the GREAT Jai Uttal at Bhakti Yoga Shala. It was a beautiful rocking party. It gently reminded me that sometimes all we really need to do is Show Up. The transmission happens by simply stepping into the Bhav.

Let us never lose sight of the impact we have on each other and use it for the GREATER GOOD. Let us strive to empower one another and remember when we empower our friends, our family, our community, we are empowering ourselves.

To those who open their homes, shops, temples, schools and studios for community to gather, THANK YOU. Your service is bountiful.

Om Namah Shivaya

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