Mata Kali — Back Spasm Warrior Goddess

 February 24, 2015
Posted by Kitzie

Last month when I interviewed Ian Boccio about the deity Kali, little did I know I was about to have an up-close and personal encounter. Look at the picture — would you like to meet something that looks like that? Kali’s warrior energy uncovers and destroys ego-related nasties that hide deep in your psyche and keep you small and afraid. Yeah, she looks scary — but if you’ve ever been up against an ego determined to stop you from advancing you need scary. You need an energy that will lop off it’s freaking head. Enter Kali. If you think you’ll escape this life without encountering her, think again. I’ve come to see the back spasm was all about fear, fear on so many different levels. I’ll tell you about it on this week’s show.

In the beginning of the interview I say Kali scares me a little, but that was last month. She doesn’t scare me anymore. I’m done resisting, I surrender — as they do say, resistance is futile. I’m on the train, and stoked for the ride. Resisting is so last month.

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