Cure Your Kali Yuga Blues

 February 1, 2015
Posted by Kitzie

This week’s show started out being about the Kali Yuga — otherwise known as the Age of Quarrel — and ended up being about an epic back spasm that, thanks to the work of Dr. John Sarno, took me on an unexpected & deeply emotional ride. It’s a story about the power of the mind, and using deity energy & chanting to heal. This tale is still unfolding, I’ll tell you about it in this week’s show.

The Kali Yuga can be a real pain in the ass — haha says she with piriformis syndrome  — and apparently its one redeeming feature is anyone can be released from the degradation & anxiety simply by chanting God’s names, especially the Hare Krishna chant or Maha Mantra. This week’s show is just the ticket, with lots of Maha Mantras to lift you from the Kali Yuga Blues. Enjoy dear ones. I’ll be back soon.

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