Darshan: Visions of the Deities through Sacred Chant with Ian Boccio

 November 4, 2014
Posted by Kitzie

I met Blue Spirit Wheel’s Ian Boccio when he came through town several years ago setting up the band’s first tour. We had coffee, and have been friends ever since. Based in Atlanta, Ian is the creative director of the annual ChantLanta Sacred Music Festival and a mantra yogin — as such he travels the country giving Mantra Yoga intensives on the benefits of mantra repetition. I took his intensive last spring, and it significantly shifted my perspective on my Bhakti Yoga practice. I could see immediate benefits and lots of ‘side effects’ — you’ll understand what I mean by that after you listen.

With this show we start a series with Ian on the deities. Each will begin with an introduction to a deity & their unique characteristics, followed by chants to this deity so you can stay in their energy. We’ll start with Ganesha — of course! If you’ve been curious about the deities and how to relate them to your kirtan practice you’re going to love this series.

Next up we’ll have another dance set so you can dance your way into Thanksgiving! Until then dear hearts — Namaste.

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