Calling Out to Hungry Hearts, Words & Music by Krishna Das

 November 19, 2014
Posted by Kitzie

This week at the top of the podcast we have the recipe for a yummy tulsi chai tea concentrate that you can make either iced or hot — SO good on a cold morning. It’s based on the bulk tulsi teas from Organic India, I use the Tulsi Chai Masala & sometimes the Tulsi Ginger to make this recipe. Tulsi is an herb that has crazy health benefits, check it out. I’ll put up a separate blog post with the recipe, but if you’d like to make it before that please listen to the top of this week’s show with something to write the recipe down. 

This week’s podcast is one of my favorite shows from 2013. I was reminded of it again because of a lecture I was listening to with Krishna Das & Sharon Salzberg on Spotify. In these lectures KD never fails to say something that gives me an insight, this time it was a big one. The title says it all — it’s his music woven with excerpts from a live workshop download given at the Omega Institute of Holistic Studies, September 4, 2012.

Coming up there’s a special Thanksgiving episode and early in December the next show in the deity series with Blue Spirit Wheel’s Ian Boccio — Ganesha! Have a beautiful week my friends. Namaste.

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