Memories of Bhakti Fest West 2014

 September 19, 2014
Posted by Kitzie

This week’s podcast is very different from our usual Bhakti Fest wrap-up, and it’s because this year I had a very different experience at the festival. All weekend I recorded live updates from Bhakti Fest for Soul Traveller Radio, an Internet radio station based in Australia playing conscious music 24/7. These updates were featured all weekend on Soul Traveller, and when I got the idea to put them together for this week’s show they became an audio memory of Bhakti Fest 2014.

Bermuda Group_BFW2014There were so many beautiful moments, but one that stood out for me was learning that 20 people had come all the way from Bermuda because they heard about Bhakti Fest on the podcast. What a treat it was to meet Shantidevi and her community, here’s their kirtan story, and a picture we took at the festival.

Here’s the order of the montage: Shiva Baum, Bhakti Fest MC (Shantala in the background), Gina Sala, Saul David Raye, MC Yogi, Sridhar Silberfein, Larisa Stowe, Vijay Krshna, Kirtaniyas, Sean Johnson (David Newman in background), Govindas & Radha, Edo & Jo, Jaya & Ananda, Krishna Das, Joni Yung, Jai Uttal, Nina Rao, Donna De Lory, All Star Jam.

If you’ve been to the festival I hope it helps you to relive the experience. If you’ve never been there, I hope it inspires you to go. In any case, please enjoy and until next time — Namaste.

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