Bhakti Fest West 2014 Sampler

 September 2, 2014
Posted by Kitzie

At long last the time has come to pack our bags and head to Joshua Tree, CA for Bhakti Fest. For a lot of us who go to the festival it’s an annual pilgrimage, a chance to connect with old friends and make new ones. It has always been a special time for me — there’s something about the magic of the desert that deepens the experience of the festival. The heat, the (sometimes) torrential rain, the landscape — it’s all part of it.

This year we’ll be recording at the main stage, and also doing updates from the festival all weekend long for Soul Traveller Radio, an Internet radio station programmed from Australia playing conscious music 24/7. They’re well worth checking out. If you’re at Bhakti Fest I hope you’ll come say hello — our table is back by the sound board.

Next time from the desert my friends. Until then — Namaste.




Om Mercury Max The Eternal Om
What If Avasa & Matty Love Love is King Love is Queen
Unity (Rumi Plus Sanskrit Peace Mantras) Sean Johnson & the Wild Lotus Band Unity
My Sweet Lord Donna De Lory The Unchanging
Nitai Gauranga (feat. MC Yogi) Kirtaniyas Nitai Gauranga (feat. MC Yogi)
Diamonds In The Sun Girish Diamonds In The Sun
Heart Sutra MC Yogi Mantras Beats & Meditations
Aum Sakti (Goddess Presence) Turiya Nada Arakara: Ecstasy of the Awake
Sri Argala Stotram (Selected Verses)/Show Me Love Krishna Das Kirtan Wallah
Hanuman Mantra (Strength through Devotion) Deva Premal & Miten Mantras For Life




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