Deep Chill

 April 15, 2014
Posted by Kitzie

This week’s podcast is another that features a guided meditation at the beginning, followed by chants that continue the mood. We’re featuring relaxation this week, something we can all use a little more of! Our guided meditation is from Ramdesh Kaur’s ‘Journey Into Stillness’, followed by a chant for protection by Deva Premal, and chants invoking peace & love from Snatam Kaur, Donna DeLory, Ashana, and more. Don’t play this one in your car, you just might fall asleep! Namaste my friends.

P.S. In the introduction this week I reference several podcasts. Here’s the episode of the Mindrolling Podcast that featured Duncan Trussell as a guest, and here’s a link to the episode of The Duncan Trussell Family Hour Podcast with the interview that inspired the story I’ll tell you about in this week’s podcast.




Om Mercury Max The Eternal Om
Guided Meditation for Relaxation Ramdesh Kaur Journey Into Stillness
Narasima Deva Premal Password
Om Namah Shivaya Swaha Vishnu’s Dream
Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu Donna De Lory Sanctuary
Ong Sohung (I Am Thou, I Am Peace) Snatam Kaur Shanti
Golden Amrit Ashana River of Light



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