Dave Stringer & Donna De Lory Talk Radiance Sutras

 February 12, 2014
Posted by Kitzie

When Dave Stringer sent me the Radiance Sutra material several months ago I wondered what would be created musically around these beautiful translations of the Sanskrit text by Lorin Roche. You’ll hear that musical creation in this interview, and it was fun to hear how excited Dave & Donna De Lory are about the material — I also loved how beautifully their voices blended to bring out the poetry of the lines. There are repeatedly moments where these Sutras give me chills & sometimes move me to tears, and they’re now on repeat on my IPod. I think of them as recipes – teaching me to be present, to play, and to use that as a way of touching the Divine in my everyday life. I hope you find them a doorway, as I did.

As you can see, we went live with the new website with this post, and I hope you’ll come back this weekend when we’ll be live audio-streaming all the wonderful kirtan at the Denver Chant Fest, starting at 8PM with C.C. White, followed by MC Yogi. The schedule for the weekend is here, and there’s kirtan throughout the day so have the Denver Chant Fest playing on your computer this weekend — sing with us and let the magic of the Bhav banish the winter blues. Until then my friends — Namaste.




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