What Is Bhakti Yoga?

 November 2, 2013
Posted by Kitzie

Here’s an interesting and informative article about Bhakti Yoga from Teachasana.

Bhakti Yoga Part 1 — What Is It?

by Hari-kirtana das  for Teachasana
It’s wonderful to be able to teach students about Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of devotion, because it adds such a rich and deep dimension to our practice. But there are a few reasons why teaching students about Bhakti Yoga can be challenging.One challenge is that a clear definition of ‘bhakti’ isn’t so easy to come by. That’s because there are different conceptions of bhakti floating around the yoga community. Modern yoga is pretty inclusive so we tend to accept a wide variety of viewpoints as being equally valid. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make it any easier to explain Bhakti Yoga to students or, for that matter, to have a clear idea in our own minds of just what ‘bhakti’ really is. So here are five things you can consider when you think about Bhakti Yoga: (read more here).


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