The Healing Power Of Kirtan

 June 5, 2013
Posted by Kitzie

By Rachel Goldstein at YOGANONYMOUS

On that unfortunate day in 2001, the one that changed reality as we know it, my life‐long friend Gabby was running down the West Side Highway, watching in horror as history transpired right before her eyes.

I had just returned after finishing producing an ABC Television documentary mini‐series about the Hamptons and was in between apartments. In this time of despair and uncertainty, I moved in with Gabby in our bruised hometown of New York City. I cherish the memories from this healing time, especially an unexpected musical gift Gabby bestowed upon me.

Music has always played a prominent role in my life and is key to helping me achieve solace and comfort. While living with Gabby, she introduced me to the beautiful rhythmic chanting and eclectic sound of Krishna Das. I quickly understood why I was hearing this music that was making me relax. There was something in his voice that soothed me in this time of pain and sadness that was pouring throughout the streets of New York City … continue here.

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