Shakti Fest 2013 Wrap-Up

 June 4, 2013
Posted by Kitzie

After a festival like Shakti Fest, returning to the world takes a while. Always I feel as though the cells in my body have been shaken up & put back together in a different way, and it takes time to integrate this new way of being into the flow of daily life. This year we stayed on-site at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center, the first time we have been in the spiritual atmosphere called the Bhav without a break. The air seems to be charged with magic when you’re in the Bhav, and all are blessed by the conscious creation of loving kindness. To be bathed in that atmosphere for three days and nights is an unforgettable experience.

Two bands broke out for me this year — Aykanna & the Kirtaniyas — I’ll tell you about them on the podcast, and you’ll also find out why Snatam Kaur is the third artist in the set.  Want to see why the Kirtaniyas are amazing? Check out their new video with MC Yogi & DJ Drez, filmed at the Holi Festival of Colors in Utah — you will love it, and it features the song in this week’s show.

Look for podcasts of several live sets from Shakti Fest 2013, and stay tuned for news & the interviews for Bhakti Fest Midwest, coming up next month.  And so the Bhav goes wonderfully and beautifully on dear hearts. Namaste.




Om Mercury Max The Eternal Om
Funky Divinity Aykanna Mantra Mala
Nitai Gauranga (feat. MC Yogi) Kirtaniyas
Azure Salver Snatam Kaur Live In Concert


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