Laughing With Ragani

 June 18, 2013
Posted by Kitzie

The delightful Ms. Ragani & I have some history. When I first started singing kirtan, the Yoga teacher used CDs. We chanted to a lot of different artists, Indian & American. One evening the teacher played a new artist, and my eyes kept being drawn to the image of the woman on the CD cover. The woman was Ragani, and the CD was ‘The Best of Both Worlds’. I went home and bought the CD that night, the first of many kirtan CDs to come. Ragani was the first person I called when I got the idea for the New World Kirtan podcast, and she couldn’t have been more kind and encouraging. Several years ago she came to Corvallis for a workshop & enthralled us all with magical kirtan and stories about her guru. I have always enjoyed her sense of humor, as you can probably tell by the number of times she cracks me up — we completely dissolve into laughter by the end of the interview.

You’ve loved Ragani’s music for years, now come get to know her a little bit. I’m sure you’ll love her as much as I do. Until next week my friends — Namaste.




Om Mercury Max The Eternal Om
Rama Rama Ragani Best of Both Worlds
Guru Brahma Ragani
Hare Krishna Govinda Ragani Turn the World To Love
Jai Ganesha Ragani Turn the World To Love


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