ChantLanta! Peace, Love and Kirtan in the South

 March 12, 2013
Posted by Kitzie

Atlanta had it’s very own kirtan festival last weekend! The ChantLanta Sacred Music Festival has been bringing the Bhav to the South for four years, and this year Krishna Das & Wynne Paris were the headliners. Several local groups were also featured, and executive producer/Blue Spirit Wheel member Ian Boccio was kind enough to provide me with some of their music — so if you weren’t able to go to ChantLanta, this week’s podcast might be the next best thing.

See you next week, dear hearts. Namaste.




Om Mercury Max The Eternal Om
Peace Trooper Rahasya Devotional Rescue
Adi Shakti Chaitanya Adi Shakti
Durge Durge Jai Jai Ma Dhvani Dhvani
Modim Anachnu Sunmoon Pie Chantlanta Hebrew Kirtan
Lahari Blue Spirit Wheel Adi
My Foolish Heart/Bhaja Govinda Krishna Das Heart As Wide As the World
Gospel JamKirtana Wynne Paris Groovananda





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