Dave Stringer LIVE at the Denver Chant Fest

 February 19, 2013
Posted by Kitzie

Dave Stringer’s set on Friday night opened the Denver Chant Fest, and is the first of the live podcasts I’ll be posting from last weekend. Live sound is always a bit of a challenge, and we were still trying to figure it all out — please consider this a blanket apology for any glitches. The live streaming was a bit rocky at first, but from the feedback I got in real time during the kirtan people loved it after we got it to work! Almost 300 people joined us from all over the world, so it was a good start. I’m still unpacking, and I have to check & see how the recordings turned out — but I think I have some great stuff. I’ll be releasing the material from the Denver Chant Fest over the next several weeks, so stay tuned.

Dave’s new CD Ojas is available today on ITunes. It’s a remastered version of live tracks recorded several years ago with one of his older bands, including C.C. White, Joni Allen & Dave’s niece Allie Stringer. There are some great tracks, one is featured in this interview.

It was an amazing  weekend, and an amazing event. Do you like what you hear? Denver Chant Fest 2014 pre-registration starts right here: http://denverchantfest2014.eventbrite.com/

Enjoy, and Namaste my friends!

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