Running With Kirtan

 November 13, 2012
Posted by Kitzie

Running used to be a passion of mine. I ran for years, usually to music, and loved it. Running has since been replaced with swimming & Yoga, and I love my new routine too. If I was running these days, I’d be running to kirtan for sure.  Now you’ll get to do it for me, vicariously!

The chants in this week’s set are paced to about 95 BPM, I hope this works for your running pace. If not, let me know and we’ll have a kirtan for fast runners — or slow runners. Happy, happy running my friends! Namaste.





Mercury Max

The Eternal Om

Om Shree Dhanvantre Namaha (Healing)

Deva Premal

Mantras for Precarious Times

Thief of Hearts (Govinda Govinda Gopala)

Jai Uttal

Queen of Hearts

Gayatri (Shakti Sonic Remix)



Govinda Gopala

Brenda McMorrow


Burn It In The Fire

Wade Imre Morissette

Maha Moha: The Great Delusion

Rasa Lila

Clair Oaks


Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

Sean Johnson & the Wild Lotus Band

Calling The Spirits



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