The Morning Within

 October 2, 2012
Posted by Kitzie

The music for this week’s set came about in a beautiful way. When I was in the midst of caregiving for my Mom I received a message on Facebook from two listeners who live in Virginia. They suggested a set list for a podcast titled “The Morning Within”, and offered it as their sweet way of giving care to the caregiver, In the aftermath of Mom’s death I lost track of their message, but it was brought back to mind from another message from these generous listeners. I now share this beautiful set list with you so we can start our morning with these inspiring chants.  Enjoy the music, dear ones. Namaste.




Om Mercury Max The Eternal Om
Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha (Removing of Obstacles) Deva Premal Mantras for Precarious Times
Jai Ma Jaya Lakshmi Sublime
Sita Ram Brenda McMorrow Love Abounds
Like Rain/Radhe Bolo David Newman To Be Home
Hanuman Bolo Karen Johns Saprema
Nataraj Mukti Light Of The Sun
In The Light Of Love/Om Shree Dhanvantre Namaha Deva Premal Kibou: The Sun Shines On Everyone
Stay Strong David Newman et al The Stay Strong Project



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