The One For Mom

 May 1, 2012
Posted by Kitzie

Mother’s Day is coming up, and this is the first Mother’s Day my Mom won’t be here. The podcast this week honors her. Mom never had an understanding of what the podcast was about, although she tried hard because she knew it was important to me. Computers never interested her much, except as a way of keeping in touch with her grandchildren. She actually kind of liked Facebook for that reason.

So our family comes into the season of “this time last year”, and I’m feeling her loss again. It’s part of the process, and I want to honor it. But in my heart I know that my Mom is happy and at peace, and it’s a blessing to all of us that she’s not suffering anymore with her illness. I also believe that wherever she is she’ll finally hear the podcast, and know it’s for her. So enjoy, dearest Mom. I miss you.

Om Mercury Max The Eternal Om
With You Jai Jagdeesh I Am Thine
Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu Mukti Light Of The Sun
Kabir’s Song Snatam Kaur Anand
Om Namo Bhagavate/Oneness Deva Premal & Miten Omega Ecstatic Chant
Sita Ram Kristin Luna Ray One Shared Heart
Jai Ma Jaya Lakshmi Sublime
Holy Ma Shantala Sri


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