120 Kirtan

 March 6, 2012
Posted by Kitzie

Lately I’ve been seized by a strong desire to get fit. Maybe it’s the impending spring, but the desire to get out and move around is really strong. So, true to my geeky nature, this week I downloaded an app that gave me the beats per minute of all the songs in my ITunes library. I thought 120 BPMs would be a pretty good pace for a walk, so I put that into the program with my chant song list and out I went. It was phenomenal, the meditative experience went on for the whole walk and I came back so refreshed. Then it occurred to me that you all might appreciate something similar, and we had a show! Hope you find it useful. Namaste, my friends.

Om Mercury Max The Eternal Om
Ananda Mai Swaha Bolo
Dukh Par Har – From Pain To Peace Gurunam Singh The Journey Home
Shanti Wah! Maa
Om Tara (Rainforest Mix) Bhakta & Darpan Urban Mantra 1: Vitality
Jai Ma Durga Express Subway Bhaktis Sita Ram
Arunachala Shiva Jdavyd Williams Waves
Om Shanti Robert Gass Kirtana
Long Time Sun Harnam A Fearless Heart


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