One For Valentine’s Day

 February 14, 2012
Posted by Kitzie

Happy Valentine’s Day dear hearts! I’m off having a sweet Valentine’s day with my honey, so here is a love-filled set from the New World Kirtan library. Enjoy.

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, and so this week’s set was inspired by Love.  There’s the “Radhe Suite” which tells the love story of Krishna & Radhe, and a chant by Shantala that sings of the Love that dwells within each of us. But my favorite this week is “Its All Right” by Spring, about Love conquering fear. It’s an old theme, but with the world in so much turmoil it’s one that’s up for many of us these days. Stay in the Love and live from the Heart, for this is the compass that will guide us into the New Age. Get on board, my friends — there’s so much to look forward to! Namaste.

Om Mercury Max The Eternal Om
Radhe Suite I: The Longing David Newman Love, Peace, Chant
Radhe Suite II: The Dance David Newman Love, Peace, Chant
Radhe Suite III: The Union David Newman Love, Peace, Chant
Stay In The Love Wah! Maa
Love Holds Everything Ragani
Thou Art The Lover Gurunam Singh The Journey Home
Live Your Love SRI Kirtan Live Your Love
It’s All Right Spring Spring Fever
Om Namo Bhagavate Invocation Shantala Sri
Om Namo Bhagavate/Because The One I Love Shantala Sri








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