The Power Of Prayer

 July 26, 2011
Posted by Kitzie

This week’s podcast is a bit unique, as it was produced when I was back in Philadelphia, and is based on a podcast produced back in February. I’ve been in Philly for almost 3-weeks acting as primary caregiver for my Mom, and I’m happy to report that she’s doing well, buoyed on a wave of love & prayers. Surprisingly, Sikh kirtan has been my practice of choice these days, and the Kirtan Kriya meditation with its finger motions has been especially soothing when things are stressful. This podcast was originally posted back in February, and there are lots of links within the post … and don’t miss this article about how beneficial the Kirtan Kriya can be for memory loss. Enjoy, dear ones. Namaste

Om Mercury Max The Eternal Om
Sa Ta Na Ma Mirabai Cieba A Hundred Blessings
Sa Ta Na Ma-Sat Nam Lea Longo Peace Chants
Sa Ta Na Ma Snatam Kaur Feeling Good Today
Sa Ta Na Ma Guru Amrit Chants from the Soul
Sa Ta Na Ma Guru Prem Singh Khalsa Tantric Sa Ta Na Ma


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