That’s Why It’s Called A Practice

 June 20, 2011
Posted by Kitzie

Several of you loved this when I posted on Facebook, so I’m re-posting here. It’s a good one.

Crack Smokin’ Yoga Teachers

Elephant Journal/Candice Garrett, June 16, 2011

I wrote an article recently about a really hard day I had, and about having a drink at the end of it. Holy mother of dogma. While there were quite a few who could identify (mainly real humans, and mothers like me) there were quite a few purists and nay-sayers (I’m pretty sure they’re robots) as well. I am  still getting emails about it, and one or two article stalkers who continue to comment where I comment on the articles I am reading myself.

One email went like this: Yogis should not drink. That is the least that is expected of them.

Really? The least? How about honesty, integrity, kindness, compassion and discipline? How about cultivating our behavior towards others and how we speak to them, how we use their time?

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