Sunday Satsang IV

 May 19, 2011
Posted by Crystal

I love the Sunday Satsang sets. I know if I cue one up on my IPod, soon I’ll be singing along. It’s better than just about anything I know to get me feeling skippy again. As I explain in the podcast, these sets are designed to be used as a group kirtan practice, and contain chants that our satsang group has sung together for years. We show up every Sunday night because singing this music has made a profound difference in our lives.

So gather with some friends, play one of the Sunday Satsang sets and sing your heart open — then have a snack together. It feeds the body, heart & soul. It’s even better if the snack has chocolate. Namaste, sweet friends.

Om Mercury Max The Eternal Om
Aad Guray Nameh Snatam Kaur Prem
Shivaya Namah Om Dave Stringer & Spring Groove
Three Rivers Hare Krishna Krishna Das Live On Earth
Sita Ram
Brenda McMorrow Love Abounds
Ma Gurunam Singh Silent Moonlight Meditation
Rama Rama Ragani Best of Both Worlds

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