Have You Been Changed By Your Yoga Practice?

 May 19, 2011
Posted by Crystal

There’s a lot to absorb here, but it’s so worth the time. If you have a continuing Yoga practice, have you experienced the changes Dearbhla writes about?

Asana As Eros/Dearbhla Kelly M.A./May 3, 2011

Let me outline a not untypical scenario: Sue starts going to yoga classes at her local gym because she heard it’s a great way to increase muscle tone, improve all-round fitness and generally get in shape. That those who’ve recommended yoga to her say it’s also really relaxing seals the deal. After attending class twice a week for several months, she does notice a difference, not just in her ability to do the postures, but also in her mind. It feels somehow more spacious, more quiet, at least while she’s practicing, and for the rest of the day. It’s almost as if there’s an inner smile spreading throughout her entire self all the way to her skin. Without necessarily even being able to describe why, Sue just knows that her life is better because of her yoga practice; when she practices her day goes better, when she skips class, she notices a difference. One day she stays after class to talk to the teacher who, it turns out, also teaches at a yoga studio in the neighbourhood. Sure enough, Sue goes along to the studio to take more classes with her teacher and pretty soon has dropped her gym membership and is going to the yoga studio 4/5 times a week. Sound familiar anyone?

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