May 31, 2011

Yo Ganesh — it’s me, pick up!

This week’s set was inspired by several requests for a set to Ganesha. We have one in the back catalog called “Ganesh Is Fresh”, here’s […]

May 30, 2011

Kirtan Kriya Found Beneficial For Memory Loss

An Easy Meditation Practice to Reverse Memory Loss
Huffington Post/Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D.
By the time you finish reading the above headline, you or someone y […]

May 28, 2011

Indian-derived stress relief practice Kirtan gains popularity

Here’s a segment from Fox 6 News in Milwaukee, Wisconsin featuring Ragani being interviewed & showing her leading a kirtan. You’ll enjoy the int […]

May 28, 2011

Spontaneous Awakening

This is one of the CDs we use for meditation during our Sunday Satsang. The segments are short, and Adyashanti never fails to inspire.

May 24, 2011

Just Breathe

“Breathe and stay in the present moment.” It’s so simple, and so difficult to do. Modern life bombards us with seductive distractions, and it […]

May 19, 2011

Sunday Satsang IV

I love the Sunday Satsang sets. I know if I cue one up on my IPod, soon I’ll be singing along. It’s better than just about anything I know to get me […]

May 19, 2011

Do You Fear An Empty Mind?

Why Do We Fear An Empty Mind?
Natasha Dern/Huffington Post/May 15, 2011
Why is it so hard for us to tolerate emptiness in our minds? The prevalent belief that […]

May 19, 2011

Have You Been Changed By Your Yoga Practice?

There’s a lot to absorb here, but it’s so worth the time. If you have a continuing Yoga practice, have you experienced the changes Dearbhla writes a […]

May 10, 2011

Being With What Is

The essence of life is change … and isn’t that just a big old pain? Joni Mitchell used to sing about it so eloquently, but I’m not about to be […]

May 9, 2011

Indulge Your Inner Child — Color A Mandala!

I brought several of Maureen's (aka The Mandala Lady) coloring books with me to OMmersion, and they were a great diversion on the plane. I also loved coloring the mandalas while singing kirtan or waiting in between sets at the festival. I'm sure you'll find other ways to use them, she has great designs. Coloring mandalas has a bonus -- it quiets your mind while you have coloring fun. Give them a...
May 4, 2011

Are You A Kirtan Virgin?

Confessions Of A Kirtan Virgin
From Downward Dog/April 26, 2011
What the heck is up with all these confessions lately on The Daily Downward Dog?
I’ve been ope […]

May 3, 2011

The OMmersion Set

I’ve been missing OMmersion, how about you? I’ve looked at all the videos at the Bhakti Beat (great site, check it out), and I wanted a music set to […]