There’s No Place Like OM

 April 15, 2011
Posted by Kitzie

Sorry for the corny title, but Saul David Raye said it tonight and it’s so true. Imagine a place where everyone you meet is a friend, where everyone you meet wants to open their heart & love their fellow man a little more. This is Bhakti Fest. Imagine the darkness of a desert night surrounding you, the cactus, the (almost) full moon shining down. Imagine the singing voices, the dancers silhouetted against the brightness of the stage, the strong presence of Spirit. This is Bhakti Fest.

Donna DeLory’s set was amazing tonight. She was in constant motion onstage, and everyone backstage was singing along. Then it was Jai’s turn. He had an all-star vocal line-up; Prajna Vieira of Mukti, C.C. White & Prema Hara. Daniel Paul on tablas was so much fun to watch, his musicality is superb. What a treat this is.

Bhakti Fest in Joshua Tree. When I’m here I can imagine what a world like this would be like. It would be as I imagine Heaven.

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