Kirtan For Mommy & Me

 April 5, 2011
Posted by Kitzie

I’ve spent some time teaching music to preschool children, and I bet they would just love kirtan! This is a sweet story.

Mommy and Me Kirtan

By Jessica Berger Gross/Yoga Journal

Neil had been out of town for a few days, and the one thing I couldn’t figure out was how to continue my morning meditation practice without a second parent around. When Neil’s home, he’s almost always up before Lucien wakes up. When I’m on morning duty, Lucien is the one to wake me.

“Mommy, come get me!” he says at 6:30, or, if I’m very lucky, 7.

I bring Lucien into the bathroom with me, and we talk while I brush my teeth and wash my face and use my neti pot.

“What did you dream about?” one of us will ask the other.

“You!” the other answers.

So far so good.  Now comes the time when Neil would normally bring Lucien down into the kitchen while I sit down for a 10- or 20-minute meditation.

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