Can Yoga Help You Lose Weight?

 April 29, 2011
Posted by Kitzie

The Real Truth about Yoga & Weight Loss. ~ Anne Falkowski

Via 29, 2011

Recently I was at a late afternoon cocktail party and was standing with a group of attractive, smart and well educated women.

Their jobs were impressive: an Actuary, Interior Designer, and Executive with one of Hartford, Connecticut’s major insurance companies. In that moment, with half a glass of wine warming my body. I felt good about life and content with who I was. I was enjoying the conversation when it turned to bodies and weight and getting into “shape.” When the talk turned to comparing and joining various local gyms, I made it a point to suggest yoga. This is new for me as I shy away from self-marketing but this time I decided to risk it. “Have any of you considered checking out a yoga class or a yoga studio?” Not exactly a direct invitation to my studio but close enough …

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