Bhakti Fest OMmersion: Saturday

 April 16, 2011
Posted by Kitzie

Back at the B&B, but my head is still filled with music. Here’s who I saw today; Joey Lugassy, with a break-out set. Amritakripa, homies to Joshua Tree — again I was impressed with their very unusual sound. Sean Johnson & the Wild Lotus band, who always make me cry & dance my ass off, often at the same time. DASI Karnamrita, who has an incredibly sweet voice and stage manner & played traditional kirtan with an all star line-up. And of course, Dave Stringer, who is playing the Saturday night party-down session as I write this. From the picture, which was taken backstage,  it looks as though he & C.C. White are going to be cooking up some seriously fun kirtan tonight! I’m sorry I couldn’t stay to see the whole set.

More people arrived today, but the gathering is still much smaller than last September. The feeling of community is so strong here. There’s a realization that bhakti is a world-wide movement, but on this glorious spring weekend it feels like it’s just us, the  Bhakti Fest community gathered once again to sing, talk, laugh with each other and be filled up with Love. This energy will change the world.



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