Bhakti Fest OMmersion: Friday

 April 15, 2011
Posted by Kitzie

It is a perfect day here in Joshua Tree. Warm — but not hot — clear and sunny. It is an indescribable feeling to be back, with the desert sand between my toes once again. The crowd is smaller at this Spring OMmersion —  I’ve heard 800 to 1000 are expected — so the energy is different in some ways than it was in September. However, it’s only Friday and things are just starting to get cranked up. The day started with Prema Hara, who played a beautiful set with several songs from their new CD. I hadn’t heard them play live before, and it was a treat. They were followed by Govindas & Radhe, my first time to hear them also. Their set was so tight, and I loved singing their chants. They also inspired LOTS of dancing. The set was made even sweeter by seeing their pink-cheeked baby dancing with a friend while Mommy & Daddy sang. Needless to say I’m collecting lots of CDs while I’m here, including several from these artists.

Right now I’m back at a lovely B&B up in the hills not far from the Joshua Tree National Park. There are jackrabbits, and I can hear coyotes howling at night. David Newman is on now (forgive me, David), and tonight at 7:30 it’s Donna DeLory. Then Jai Uttal. What a feast lies before me.

Ahhh … it’s good to be back.

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